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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sam Rockwell HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Reception following the Los Angeles Film Festival Centerpiece Screening of
Everybody's Fine
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 14, 2009
Robert De Niro & Sam Rockwell - Everybody's Fine

Q1: Robert, at what point did you enter the process?
RD: Kirk and I, we had a meeting and he told me the story and he told me what it was based on. And he had photos of the whole project, the traveling across the country, and I was impressed with how passionate about the project he was. I could see that he just was special and he doesn't do movies often. This will have been his third. And so that was important for me that he cares so much obviously. So then I saw the original and then I saw his other two movies and then I read the script. And then we just decided when to do it.

Q2: Sam, at what point did you decide you about the project and what was it about the film that attracted you?
SR: I was excited to work with Kirk and the girls and especially Bob was a big incentive because I grew up watching Bob's movies. So I was really excited to do that. I jumped on board pretty quickly.

Q3: Mr. De Niro -- your father was an artist...

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