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The Other Man
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 2, 2009
Antonio Banderas & Laura Linney - The Other Man

Q1: I wanted to ask you about Tippi's (Tippi Hedren) wildlife preserve. Everyone's talking about the Wildlife Waystation, but nobody is talking about her preserve.
AB: The other day they gave some news on television that the fire was approaching the area but she got there. Actually, by law, she's got to have her own stuff so she's defending the property, you know, communicating with the fire department in Los Angeles.

Q2: So there's nothing that she needs, like Wildlife Way yesterday, they were making a plea for trailers and flatbeds and what not.
AB: ...which made me think more about, you know, I mean, people have mothers-in-law and they have like a little dog or something like that and she has 72 lions and that is a problem. I mean, they eat a lot, a lot every year. But it is her thing and I totally support her so...

Q3: Yeah, I've been out there and it's beautiful.
AB: Yeah, it's beautiful.

Q4: Can each of you talk abo...

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