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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jason Isaacs HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Chronicles of Riddick"  photo
Nine Lives
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 21, 2005
Jason Isaacs & Molly Parker – Nine Lives

Q1: How did each of you get involved in this project?
MP: I met Rodrigo previously. I had actually auditioned for him for one of his films before that he did not hire me for, but he and his producers sent me this project and offered it and I was more than pleased to do it.
JI: It's an unusual thing because most writer/directors like Rodrigo who only make movies every few years, I think it was 5 years between these two, a lot of them are neurotic, they want to cast, they want to audition people over and over again, but Rodrigo offered these parts to people. I don't think he auditioned anyone at all. I was offered the part and I had never met him. I was amazed to be offered a part so interesting and so emotional and complex and three-dimensional, but I jumped at it.

Q2: Did he give you options of which character you could play?
MP: No. In fact I believe he wrote many of the pieces for specific actors. Some of the actors in this movi...

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