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Ninja Assassin
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 21, 2009
Rain - Ninja Assassin

Q1: Is it nice to be here as an anonymous in LA ?
R: Yeah, it was fantastic. I just enjoyed it. In Hollywood, finally, I am here...

Q2: What I am saying... I heard you are big star in Asia, so it seems it is hard to go to the mall or do things as normal people do. So that do you think in Los Angeles, you can enjoy more kind of personal freedom?
R: You know, yeah, it is hard to even walk on a street in Asia, and in here I hope it will be same. If people like the movie. You know when I was growing up, I really wanted to be a big action Hollywood star, I made it. Yeah, I am so excited.

Q3: What was your first experience about Ninja ? Did you read Manga or watch any TV show or movie?
R: Yeah, I have a Japanese friend. He said always Ninja, Ninja, Ninja. History of Ninja is true. I said Okay, okay, okay. I love ninja, I love Ninja. I saw a lot of Ninja film when I was young. My age? Ten years old. Only PG-13. I'm just kidding.

Q4: Do you remember the t...

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