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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Mark Zupan HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Murderball"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 29, 2005
Q1: Is there a place on rugby teams for people who have complete paralysis?
MZ: No. There is different sports. There's Power Soccer, which is played with powered wheelchairs, but no. Wheelchair Rugby you have to propel yourself with your hands. That's what's wild. People hear 'quadriplegic' and they think Christopher Reeve and they think you can't move your arms, and when you tell them you do they say you are a paraplegic, and you say 'no, quadriplegic.' That's kind of disturbing when you go to a hospital and the nurse makes the same mistake. I say, 'No shit, I have impairment.' And oh fuck, we are in trouble boys.

Q2: What was your initial response to the idea of being followed around by a camera for 2.5 years?
MZ: It's kind of wild because the first person I met was Dana, Dana (director/co-producer) and Jeff (producer), they had no film experience, they always wanted to make a film. Henry shot second unit of Copland and Girl, Interrupted so that was wild because he knew how to ...

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