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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Leonardo DiCaprio HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Aviator"  photo
The Aviator
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 2, 2004
Wearing (if you care) black t-shirt, black casual jacket, hair slicked back.. no facial hair.. Comes in with a cherry "hello everyone".

Q1:How did the premiere go?
LD: As far as I can tell, great but you never know. You have to go to a 'real' screening to tell. You have to sit in the back and listen to the sounds.

Q2:This has to be one of the most incredible performances of your lifetime. What was it about Howard Hughes that fascinated you?
LD: As an actor, you're constantly searching for that great character. And, being a history buff and learning about people in our past and amazing things that they've done, I came across a book about Howard Hughes and he was set up as basically, the most multi-dimensional character I could ever come across. Often, people have tried to define him in biographies. No one seems to be able to categorize him. He was one of the most complicated men of the last century and so I got this book, brought it to Michael Mann and John Logan came onboa...

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