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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: James McAvoy HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Wanted"  photo
The Last Station
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 8, 2010
Helen Mirren and James McAvoy - The Last Station

Q1: Do you really call her Dame H?
JM: No. I called her a couple of times actually. She never responded to it though. (laughter) It wasn't like she went oh, and loved it when I called her that, I wish she had though, it would have been like her nickname for her that I invented, but she never went for it.

Q2: One of the things that blew me away from this particular movie is the view of the paparazzi at the time...
HM: Yes, isn't it interesting?

Q3: I mean, is that something that struck you as strange, were you able to relate to your characters more because this is something we're dealing with on a very modern level.
HM: Well I don't get much of that, do you James, do you get paparazzi?
JM: I don't get hardly any actually...
HM: It's funny, they pick on certain people to do that to and other people, (to James) you're a very high profile movie star if I should say so...
JM: Thank you very much...(laughter) ...

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