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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Nicholas Sparks HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Nights in Rodanthe"  photo
Dear John
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 10, 2010
Nicholas Sparks - Dear John

Q1: Is this your fourth film adaptation? Correct? Or is there more?
NS: Sixth. Yeah, time flies. Actually I think it'll be the fifth but I did "The Notebook," "Message in a Bottle," "A Walk to Remember," and "Nights in Rodanthe," and then this one, of course, comes out next month. "The Last Song" finished filming. That comes out in April. And I think they start filming "The Lucky One" in May. That was the novel last year.

Q2: So why do you bother to write the novel? Why not just jump ahead to the screenplay?
NS: Look, I'm a novelist at heart. How's that? And that's how I make my living, is I write novels and love...I've had a very good run of good fortune with the studios, but I'm a novelist. That could end at any time. Look, I've written novels that I was sure would sell to Hollywood and they would make big movies. Nope, they're still languishing out in Neverland. But, like I've said, I've had a fairly good run.

Q3: Because of that good run, has ...

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