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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Joan Jett HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Runaways"  photo
The Runaways
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 10, 2010
Joan Jett - The Runaways
Luxe Hotel, Los Angeles

Q1: There were a lot of photos during the production where you were on set. You were standing right behind the camera as they were shooting scenes. You were incredibly hands on.
JJ: I wasn't really behind the camera.

Q2: You were on set.
JJ: I was on set.

Q3: And you had a lot of input into the story. Was that something that was incredibly important to you – telling this story, getting the film out?
JJ: I think yeah. I mean, it better be.

Q4: Well some people just sign off and say "Yes, make a movie about my life. You have source material. Go ahead." But they wouldn't necessarily be coaching the actress as they go into scenes.
JJ: Well I wasn't actually coaching Kristen doing scenes. It was more an energy, man. You gotta understand what you're doing here. It's a rock 'n roll band. I mean, source material, that's great. You can watch videos all you want. That's great. But, to live it and to know what it is and wha...

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