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Wedding Crashers
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 12, 2005
Vince Vaughn – Wedding Crashers

Q1:This character from Swingers like later on his life ...
VV:Ah ... earlier, yeah. Well, no. He was very different. I mean there are similarities, but the Swingers character is kind of... he's a cooler guy. I think kind of a more kinda, you know ... this guy's more manic. Again, he's going through more manic situations. But I saw this more as kinda like, you know, he loves to eat and he loves life. He's kind of like the big loveable friend, you know, where Trent's more of kind of the ... more of a smoother kinda ... more ladies man type than this character is.

Q2:What was the attraction of doing this?
VV:Well, I just heard the title originally and it really made me laugh. Wedding Crashers I thought was funny and, ah ... I've always liked Owen for, you know... since Bottle Rocket and that and I ... I liked it. Not only was he funny but I always thought of him as a really good actor too. And, ah, David I had a great experience doin...

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