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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Feature Story HollywoodNewsWire.net  "When You
The Doors talk about the new documentary
Interview by: Mort Smith
Mar 31, 2010
"When You're Strange": The Doors talk about the new documentary

At a recent press event in support of "When You're Strange", the new documentary about the Doors, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger were interviewed separately from John Densmore, in an apparent nod to Densmore's ongoing feud with the other two over use of the Doors name and offers to sell the Doors' hits for commercial use. But no rancor was evident in the sessions themselves, with all three coming across as relatively mellow ambassadors of the '60s ethos. Manzarek, who says he and Krieger are open to touring with Densmore if he wants, in particular seemed to be enjoying himself holding forth at length on the parallels between the chaotic cultural and political climate of the Doors' heyday and the situation today, advising the current generation to "Get on the stick and let's change the world already."

Manzarek is a bit of a raconteur, talking more than the other two combined. He delivered his socio-political observati...

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