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The Joneses
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 9, 2010
David Duchovny, Demi Moore, Lauren Hutton, Ben Hollingsworth, Derrick Borte - The Joneses

Q1: Tell me what's your outfit real quick.
Moore: It's Saffron and Bobby.
Q: Saffron and Bobby.
Moore: Yeah. I think if I'm pronouncing it correctly. And Jimmy Choo shoes.

Q2: I'm sure this is a question you haven't been asked yet, but I'll go ahead and ask it. As actors, I mean just when you walked in somebody asked you what you were wearing today.
Moore: Right.

Q3: So, in away do you kind of feel like the Joneses sometimes?
Moore: It was very relatable when I read the script. You're absolutely right, people send things to us in hopes of...you know, if you are seen with it or photographed and that is in fact stealth marketing. I think what was so brilliant in Derrick's script is that he took what we all could relate to, but into this, just right outside of the box. But not so far that you don't stop and say, "That's actually really quite possible."

Q4: To follow-up, wha...

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