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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Hiroyuki Sanada HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Rush Hour 3"  photo
exclusive: The City of Your Final Destination
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 1, 2010
The City of Your Final Destination - Sanada Hiroyuki
Hamasaku, West Los Angeles

Q1: In "The City of Your Final Destination", you are portraying Adam's lover, Pete. This is your first time to play a gay person, right?
HS: Yes.

Q2: How did you prepare for the role? What was difficult for you in playing the role?
HS: In this film, I was the boyfriend of Adam, played by Anthony Hopkins. They have lived together for 25 years, so they are more like 'family' rather than 'lovers', and in the story, Pete is positioned legally as Adam's son. So I was able to interpret the relationship in many ways. I happened to know a couple who are involved in exactly the same way, so I interviewed them, so that they were a great reference. I also talked to other people who are similarly situated. But, right before the filming, the director told me not to try to express this, in how he looks, talks or moves. It was the very first thing he said to me. Mr. Ivory was explaining that the superfic...

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