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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Fernando Meirelles HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Constant Gardener Press Conference"  photo
The Constant Gardener
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 15, 2005
Fernando Meirelles – The Constant Gardener

Q1: Since the character is media savvy, when she is in trouble why doesn't she go to the media?
FM: There is a line that says she wanted to do it through official ways out of respect for Justin. He asks why but she wanted to protect him. Going to the press would cause problems with his job.

Q2: Why did you gravitate towards this after City Of God?
FM: The thing was that I had the possibility of shooting in Africa. I was in Kenya doing research on the project that will be after this one, and I went from Kenya to London and that is where I met Simon, the producer. He gave me the script and I told him I wasn't ready to do a film in English yet, but it was set in Kenya, where I just was two days before. We started to talk about it and I think the pharmaceutical industry is a good villain. They do good with some of their pills and we are better off because of it, but they know they can save lives so they charge whatever they want. I'v...

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