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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Adrien Brody HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Splice"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 22, 2010
Adrien Brody - Splice
W Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood

Q1: This summer you have two different films coming out, Predators and Splice, and they're really engaging roles for you. What proved the better challenge?
AB: Well, I love trying to find things that are unusual – I don't want to make safe bets. What I want to find is characters that speak to me, and I like to explore different genres. Predators is a no-brainer for me. Anyone who would question why I would make Predators, I don't think really understands, first of all, the journey of an actor. I grew up in Queens, and I saw that movie in theaters, and I was blown away by that movie, the first one. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd have the gauntlet passed to me, from Schwarzenegger to little Adrien Brody. It shouldn't be thought of as anything other than a tremendous amount of accomplishment, and work, on my part, and the people that worked on this part, of convincing the studio also of the strength that I can bri...

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