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Battlestar Galactica Exclusive Interview
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 25, 2010
Ronald D. Moore – Battlestar Galactica
Hollywood News Wire office, Los Angeles

Q1: The music used in the series was very Japanese - wadaiko sound. There was a scene where Adama ate udon noodles and also, the shadow on a concrete wall reminds me of the one in Hiroshima. Did you get an inspiration from Japanese culture?
RM: All those things are correct. When I was working on the Galactica miniseries, and we were talking about the music for the show, I said I wanted the music to not be like the traditional American orchestra, like Star Wars, or Star Trek. I wanted a sense of something a little more exotic, something that was more acoustic, something that felt like a different culture. I was also interested in listening to Kodo, a Japanese taiko drum group that I was listening to when I was writing, and Michael Rymer, the director, and I, spoke about Kodo, and taiko drums, and talked about that being one of the signature elements of the show. So when Michael was talking to th...

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