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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Eugene Levy HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Man"  photo
The Man
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 14, 2005
Q1: So what was it like having Samuel Jackson as your bitch?
EL: I loved it. I think I am the only guy in the history of the movies who has ever slapped Sam on screen and lived to tell about it. He's a good guy. I love that bitch.

Q2: Did you enjoy your character?
EL: I did enjoy the character because it's in the tribe of characters that I do. It's the kind of character I love to do. I love to play real people, the good people that the audience will get behind. It's the good people in the world that I gravitate to. I like the good people and most good people get pushed around in their jobs or in life. They never want to butt in front of people in a line, but people might butt in front of them. This is the real world. That was the big thing when I saw the script. I saw the character and I know I can do it. The character is great. It's right in line with what I do, but it's a two hander. It's a relationship movie and that's also what I love to do. That's what attracts me to project...

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