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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ken Watanabe HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Inception"  photo
Exclusive: Inception
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 25, 2010
Ken Watanabe - Inception

Q1: Tell us what made you want to star in this movie.
K: When I heard from Chris Nolan regarding this movie and it's large budget, I felt this would be a big challenge. The storyline was so complicated and probably the audience would be limited but this movie would be presented as pure entertainment. I thought it was very daring.

Q2: I understand that DiCaprio said that you are a National Treasure.
K: We could call the Intangible cultural asset treasure too. I believe all of this cast is national treasure for each their country and this film brought together. This is why I think Hollywood is amazing. They absorb all of these cultures. Not just me, but this movie has an international cast. Take Chris. He is British, so it transcends all nationalities. He chose the actors base on skill and personalities, I believe.

Q3: Since your life in Hollywood has been a long time, your English interview skill has improved, yes?
K: Basical...

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