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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ken Watanabe HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Inception"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 25, 2010
Ken Watanabe - Inception
Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: Can you tell us the reason you decided to take this role?
KW: They made this role having me in mind. I really appreciated it.

Q2: Which scene did you liked the best?
KW: Not any particular scene, but I had to play the regular person and the situation to go into someone's dream, so that was interesting. It was fun to think what to pick up, what to push, to show his hidden personality that does not show in his usual life, together with Chris. Especially at the beginning, I wanted the viewers to get confused what kind of person he is, so I exaggerated a bit. As a whole, anything goes, right? Because it is in the dreams. We went a lot of different places for filming, and they made the whole thing as a set. There were earthquakes, floods, zero gravity, and we all actually experienced them. So I think the viewers can feel it real, even though it is in dreams.

Q3: What about the scene in an elevator?
KW: I...

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