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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Wentworth Miller HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Resident Evil: Afterlife" Press Junket"  photo
"Resident Evil: Afterlife" 2010 Comic-Con
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 24, 2010
Wentworth Miller – Resident Evil: Afterlife
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego

Q1: I think I read somewhere you were recently described as a writer trapped in an actor's body. Is that a fair assessment of how you see yourself?
WM: I'd like to believe that there's lots of things I could do, lots of different things I could do in this business. The temptation is certainly strong. Acting's been great, but there's only so much control you have over the story you're a part of. So the temptation is there, to explore other capacities if you're allowed to, if you got the opportunity and the timing.

Q2: But you sent your scripts out under a pseudonym?
WM: I did. That wasn't about protecting my identity so much as I felt it was important for the scripts to sink or swim on their own. I just thought that seeing my name on the cover might create static of some kind; maybe positive, maybe negative, but it just wasn't something that I wanted to factor into the equation. I wanted th...

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