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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Michael C. Hall HollywoodNewsWire.net  "66th Annual Golden Globe Awards Showtime After Party"  photo
"Dexter"2010 Comic-Con Press Junket
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 22, 2010
Michael C. Hall – Dexter Comic-Con 2010
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego

Q1: Do you think Dexter is ready to date this season, or at least hook-up with anybody?
MCH: No, I don't think Dexter's looking for a new relationship. His appetites, or his impulses to behave compulsively manifest themselves in different ways.

Q2: Have you ever thought about how the series ends? What's Dexter's ultimate fate, and where do you see him evolving?
MCH: There is some evolution, but there also are consequences. We certainly learn that at the end of the fourth season, for the life that he's living. I think all of us have some sort of vague, or perhaps specific notions about where things might end up, but we're yet to quite go there.

Q3: Do you still read Jeff Lindsay whenever he comes out with a new book?
MCH: No, because we no longer really base it on those books, and I think it might make my brain hurt.

Q4: Did you feel there were more challenges this season, than in the p...

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