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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jennifer Carpenter HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Dexter" PaleyFest 2010"  photo
"Dexter"2010 Comic-Con Press Junket
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 22, 2010
Jennifer Carpenter – "Dexter" Comic-Con 2010
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego

Q1: What do you like about playing Debra Morgan?
JC: Well, one thing I've learned from her is that – like at Comic-Con, we have all of these concentrated passionate fans, and if you look at them too closely, it's a lot of people to disappoint, and the thing that I'm learning about Deb is, she's not out to make anybody happy, she's just trying to do it right. She feels like she gets one ticket to life and she wants to do it right. I get that. I was so green when I first got to the show, I'd never done TV before. I knew the show was special, and I wanted to do it right, and I feel like alongside of Deb, I've been maturing in a really similar way.

Q2: Can you talk about the pressures of returning to a new season?
JC: I feel like last season was so strong, so tight, and we have a lot of new writers this year, which have been blowing me away. We have a new showrunner, also been blowing...

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