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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Michael Chiklis HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""No Ordinary Family" 2010 Comic-Con Press Junket"  photo
"No Ordinary Family" 2010 Comic-Con
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 24, 2010
Michael Chiklis – No Ordinary Family
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego

Q1: So you're doing another superhero role?
MC: It's funny, I've gotten that a handful of times, "Superhero again?" where as an industry, we're on cop show number 557,000, and everybody's like "Oh, another cop show." I can only think of one other superhero genre television show in the last twenty years, and people are like "Ugh, again?" I just think it's a huge genre, there's so much room for it to grow. Look at Comic-Con, it's growing like Vegas. People love the genre, and there's so many possibilities, and there's something that captures people's imaginations, and it's so exciting. I'm really happy to be doing a show that blends and melds genres, and this is, at its core, a family show wrapped in a police procedural, wrapped in a superhero genre.

Q2: What is your character like? It's not like Vic Mackey, your character from "The Shield", with powers, is it? Because Vic's terrifying.
MC: No, not...

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