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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Nathan Fillion HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Castle" 2010 Comic-Con Press Junket"  photo
"Castle" 2010 Comic-Con
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 25, 2010
Nathan Fillion – Castle
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego

Q1: Can you talk about the creators of the show?
NF: When people embrace character there's – someone taught me the word "latzie" – it's the stuffing of a scene that's not written, it's not in the Samuel French, it's not in the stage direction, it's not in the words. When people embrace character, it informs so well they're living, breathing moments in a scene. These are two guys who have so well embraced their characters, it informs so much of the stuff that they do that makes it so entertaining to watch them. So much of what these guys do is not in the script. So much of their relationship, their looks, the attitude toward one another, the reactions, the way one person says something, the way Esposito reacts, it's so – I laugh a lot. I laugh a lot in the scene – and then at times I'm a little jealous that you guys get to do as much fun stuff as you guys get to do, because it's incredibly ...

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