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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Penelope Cruz HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Sahara"  photo
Don't Move
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 2, 2005
Penelope Cruz - Don't Move

Q1: At the Oscars, what did you think of Chris Rock's jock as he introduced you?
PC: You know what, I didn't hear it. I was in the back and you don't really hear the presentation. I think that they do that so that you don't get nervous because if you hear something like that, I mean, you have to realize that that was humor.

Q2: Does being at the Oscars make you dream about getting your own?
PC: No. I've been in two movies that have won before. Belle Epoque and All About My Mother, but you don't get to keep it. You get to keep the memories and I had a great time with them. I love being at the Oscars with Pedro (Almodovar) because he finds humor in everything and I was kind of meeting him the other day and Fernando (Trueba) because those two experiences with them were great.
Q: Would you love to get your own?
PC: Maybe you can think about that like a dream because you don't do the movie for that reason. But I think that for any actor something li...

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