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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jason Bateman HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Up in the Air"  photo
The Switch
Interview by: Megumi Torii
Aug 8, 2010
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman – The Switch
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: Jennifer, It seems you have great chemistry with everyone you work with; even the dog from Marley and Me. Are you just a people person who gets along with everyone?
JB: She's an actress! She knows how to fake it.
JA: That's funny! I'm an actress. No, I guess so. I like people, but I've also been lucky enough to work with – I've only had really great people I've worked with. That's my luck.

Q2: Do you feel Kassie is the new modern woman that chooses her own fate when she wants it, how she wants it, and do you encourage women to step up to get what they want?
JA: Well, I think that's what this movie is – the subject is definitely that. It supports that, it supports what's currently happening in our world today, that we as women have the choices and options of when and/or how to have children, as we've evolved as a society.

Q3: Have you learned something from Kassie?

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