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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jessica Alba HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Valentine
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 17, 2010
Jessica Alba – Machete
SLS Hotel, Los Angeles

Q1: You famously had a no nudity clause in your contract for a long time, so can you explain the shower scene?
Jessica Alba: I wore underwear and pasties, but they take it out with computer generated – the magic of post-production.
Q: So that was you, not a double, then?
JA: No, it was the side, and then I was wearing, actually, briefs, but they just took it out in post.
Q: I was wondering if it was because of working with Robert or –
JA: No, I was covered up.

Q2: Was there a discussion about any of that? I remember we did an interview years ago with Salma Hayek regarding a scene where she has absolutely no clothes on, similar to that, and she talked about having a conversation with her father afterwards because-
JA: I actually had clothes on.
Q: So did she, but they digitally removed it as well.
JA: Oh. They digitally remove it, right.
Q: -and then her father wasn't buying it.
JA: Yeah, I mean, at this po...

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