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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jamie Lee Curtis HollywoodNewsWire.net  "You Again"  photo
You Again
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 27, 2010
Jamie Lee Curtis - You Again
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

JLC: Okay, here's what you've got to know about me. I'd never met Sigourney Weaver. Never. I'd heard about her. She went to Yale. She's very tall. We've been up for a lot of movies together. She always got them. I don't hold any grudge. I barely got through high school. She went to Yale and speaks French. She's married to a theatre director. I'm married to a film director. She was in the Number One movie of all time, and she'll tell you — often — she was. I was in the worst piece of shit you've ever seen called Virus. And yet my action figure is bigger than hers. (She holds up two action figures) her action figure was (bought) 50 per cent office. My action figure was at premium cost on E-Bay. That's all I'm saying. The rest of this is irrelevant. Any other questions? Or can I go home?

Q1: She's never written a kid's book.
JLC: Oh no. It's not a competition, angel. I'm in no competition with Miss Weaver...

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