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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Lukas Haas HollywoodNewsWire.net  "4th Annual BET Awards"  photo
Last Days
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 28, 2005
Lucas Haas – Last Days

Q1: How did you get involved in this project?
LH: For a while, for about 4 years Gus has been meeting with me about different movies and we never actually did anything together. He called me about this and we met, and it actually took about a year before he finally called me to let me know I got it. Finally he called me and we did it. It was great.

Q2: Was this a challenging project for you?
LH: To me it actually wasn't so much of a challenge. It felt so creatively free. Gus creates this creative environment where you can do whatever you want to do, artistically. All the lines are made up. I made up all my own lines. I asked for very thick lenses in my glasses so you can see my eyes better. He wanted me to wear the frames, but it was kind of like a constant, creative building process. Everything was improvised, literally, even the camera angles. We would just go to whatever room the scene took place in and figure it out and just start filming. Ther...

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