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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Aaron Johnson HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""Nowhere Boy" Premiere"  photo
Nowhere Boy
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 30, 2010
Aaron Johnson – Nowhere Boy
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: When you knew you were going to play John Lennon, was it overwhelming?
AJ: Yeah, I guess it was. I dived into it pretty naively. It made me feel like I had to do as much research as possible, just so I felt comforted enough that when I hit day one of shooting, I could throw it all away and know the boundaries that I could be in, and be instinctive as possible.

Q2: What kind of research did you do?
AJ: Everything. Watched all the documentaries, I read bits and pieces from biographies, I listened to interviews and tapings that he did, I started learning guitar and playing rock and roll and songs of Elvis and Buddy Holly, and started watching tapes of them, because those are people that were his inspirations, and people that he would have watched and seen move around on stage, and he would have tried to incorporate that into his band. I tried to cover every angle. There was an interview with Rolling Stone, th...

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