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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: James Franco HollywoodNewsWire.net  "127 Hours"  photo
127 Hours
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 25, 2010
James Franco and Danny Boyle – 127 Hours
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

DB: We're going to make those bladder bags, as you call them, very popular.
Q1: It's always something. It's either feces or urine with you.
DB: Toilet humor. Toilets, I mean, British films, you look at them, they're all full of toilet scenes. Everybody else in the world is fine about toilets. It's like no big thing. But British movies, every movie you see has got a scene in a toilet, I guarantee it. I don't know why but there's always scenes in toilets, always. Toilet humor, you've got to have humor. He manages to generate quite a lot of humor about it, kind of gentle humor. He says like, "No number twos which will disappoint my insect friends because they'll have to wait." Then he says the other great line when he drinks his urine, "Well, it's not Slurpee" or something like that. It's very funny and that kind of thing is crucial in these circumstances, in hell really to have that spark of humor show...

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