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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jason Statham HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Italian Job"  photo
Transporter 2
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 27, 2005
Jason Statham – Transporter 2

Q1: Do you like being the action hero?
JS: There's nothing wrong with it. It's nice. It's a funny title to wear actually. Once you start doing your own stunts you are considered an action hero. It's not a label I'm trying to build. I'm trying to mix things up and do other movies as well. I just did one for Guy Ritchie that is certainly the opposite of what this is. I just did a little independent movie at the beginning of the year that is a complete drama so I'm doing stuff that keeps me interested as well as the action stuff that people enjoy too.

Q2: Did having some martial arts experience help doing your own stunts?
JS: Yeah. It's good to have martial arts experience and it helps Corey's job. Corey is one of my favorite choreographers, a great action director, and the more experience you have the easier time he's going to have. I couldn't say this was more difficult in terms of the fights, but we certainly exceeded it in the scope of some...

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