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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Andrew Niccol HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Lord of War Press Junket"  photo
Lord of War
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 7, 2005
Q1: Was this movie supposed to remind us of Dr. Strangelove?
AN: That was intentional, to be a little subversive and make almost a how-to film, like how to be an arms dealer. I thought that would be a more interesting way into it than a typical story structure.

Q2: So how do you research something like that?
AN: Nicolas Cage's character is based on 5 different arms dealers so it's a composite character, but you'd be surprised how much access you can have. For instance all of the tanks you see in the film are owned by one guy in the Czech Republic. I said I needed 50 T72 Soviet tanks and he said he had them. I said I needed them on Tuesday and he said no problem. One interesting thing is he is really efficient, far more efficient than my crew. When he said they were going to be there on Tuesday they were there on Tuesday. He said the only catch was in December he was going to sell them to Libya so he needed them back. He was serious so all those tanks you see lined up there are no...

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