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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Olivia Wilde HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Tron: Legacy"  photo
Tron: Legacy
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 19, 2010
Olivia Wilde - Tron: Legacy
SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

Q1: Was that the first time you saw that last night?
OW: Yes it was.

Q2: What was the reaction as you are watching?
OW: It surpassed all my expectations. You know what happens so often as an actor is you retain the information about the scene that you yourself shot and you obsess over certain scenes that you found the most challenging or interesting. And the rest of the film kind of falls away in your memory or it fades a little bit. So you know it's been so long since I actually kind of read the script in its entirety. You know a good year or more. So being able to watch everyone's performance, watch all elements of the story come together was just extraordinary.
And I was blown away by everyone's work and that was my reaction was just oh my God everyone pulled it together. Everyone did things they'd never done before and it was for so many different departments on the film, so revolutionary. And being able to wat...

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