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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Paul Reiser HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Thing About My Folks"  photo
The Thing About My Folks
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 9, 2005
Q1:How was it to work with Peter Falk?
PR: I'll tell you how it was to work with Peter Falk. Working with Peter Falk was a dream. This was the movie I always wanted to make and he was the guy I always wanted to make it with. The day he said yes, that was a good day.

Q2: You wrote it with him in mind?
PR: I wrote it for him. I wrote it because of him. I grew up loving him. I loved Peter Falk.I have friends who grew up quoting Robin and the Seven Hoods, only Peter, and Pocketful of Miracles and The In-Laws and about 20 years ago I was visiting my parents in Jersey. And my father had the TV on and he was watching a Peter Falk movie and he was laughing, laughing more at Peter than he laughed at anybody else. What is it about Peter and my father? That was the moment. So I said 'Ive got to write a movie with Peter Falk as my father. I wrote it because of him. I always knew I wanted it to be Peter and that it would be about a father and a son, talking about women probably, about mom. The...

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