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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: George Clooney HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Good Night, and Good Luck"  photo
Good Night, and Good Luck
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 27, 2005
Q1: What made you want to do this movie?
GC: My father is an anchorman doing news his whole life and Murrow is a big part of my growing up. Murrow was always the high water mark for journalists and my father would refer to him as the standard that was set that nobody could reach, although Cronkite did pretty well in Vietnam. I revisited some of those speeches recently even though I knew them pretty well already. I had heard a lot of it, but I hadn't heard the Annie May Moss show or his rebuttal to McCarthy before. I started watching those speeches again and I thought they were incredibly inspiring. I miss that clarity sometimes because you never really see it on TV today. I think they show us at our best. I'm always the guy driving home in the car thinking about what I should have said, so I always like talking about Murrow.

Q2: Is that book that came out recently trying to rehabilitate McCarthy's reputation?
GC: The problem with ??? is she is a bad journalist. She's got her own ...

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