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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ed Harris HollywoodNewsWire.net  "A History of Violence"  photo
The Way Back
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 6, 2011
Ed Harris - The Way Back
Luxe Hotel, Los Angeles

Q1: How much arm twisting did Peter have to do to get you this part?
EH: Absolutely none. If anybody was twisting arms I was trying to twist his. It was I who wanted to work with him, ever since I'd done the Truman Show which was, like, 12 years earlier. He didn't make films that often and he didn't ask me to be in Master and Commander and I heard he is doing this, I think my agent said Peter's making a movie and he's interested in you for a part. I said, "I hope he's more than interested" anyway it worked out.

Q2: Jim said you actually could've survived this?
EH: Probably better than him!
Q: That's exactly what he said.

Q3: How was taking on all the elements?
EH: It was great. I mean, I loved it. I just ate it up. I really enjoyed it. It was four memorable months. Even though it was difficult at times I was just really up for it.

Q4: It was painful to watch. How did you go through all these transformation?
EH: It'...

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