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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Tom Sturridge HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Waiting for Forever junket"  photo
Waiting for Forever
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 1, 2011
Rachel Bilson and Tom Sturridge - Waiting for Forever
The Standard Hotel, West Hollywood

Q1: Tom, why no pajamas or bowler hat today?
TS: I just thought it'd be a bit embarrassing and you'd all think I was an idiot. So I decided to wear normal clothes.

Q2: Can you really juggle that well? Was it really you, or was it special effects juggling?
TS: It's only because I had an extraordinarily good teacher. He took me from being a complete idiot into being able to do it.

Q3: Just for this movie? The fire and everything?
TS: Yeah, just for this movie. Yeah.
RB: I witnessed it. He actually did it.

Q4: So are you adept enough at juggling that you could pick that up as a career option?
TS: No way. I literally touched anything since the moment we wrapped. I hate it. It's the most frustrating, annoying, painful thing. I will genuinely never juggle again. Fuck juggling.

Q5: Rachel, your character has a sort of stalker who is deeply, madly in love with her. If you had a simil...

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