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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Michelle Rodriguez HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Battle: Los Angeles"  photo
Battle: Los Angeles
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 23, 2011
Michelle Rodriguez - Battle: Los Angeles
Casa Del Mar, Santa Monica

Q1: So what have you seen up there in the sky?
MR: In the sky? Birds and planes and all kinds of stuff.

Q2: No close encounters for you?
MR: Uh huh. I wish.

Q3: Your character figures out where they're going to come from and where their headquarters are and stuff like that.@Was it fun to not only kicking butt, but to be smart at the same time?
MR: Yeah. It was definitely a lot of work because my character was thrown in last minute and she was basically the solution to a story issue of not having anybody explain the actual process, or explain what the hell is going on with the invasion. So, because of the fact that I got thrown in literally like a month before shooting and it was a last minute kind of deal there was a lot of training that I had to ask for and a lot of craziness as far as researching algorithms and atmospheric interference and electromagnetic frequencies and how the hell this all comes i...

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