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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Michael C. Hall HollywoodNewsWire.net  "66th Annual Golden Globe Awards Showtime After Party"  photo
Peep World
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 8, 2011
Michael C Hall, Sarah Silverman - Peep World
Andaz Hotel, West Hollywood

Q1: What is it that drew you to your role?
MCH: The script generally appealed to me. The time I spend playing someone who's so uniquely afflicted with all this darkness, it was nice to play a person around whom there wasn't some sort of internal chaos he was dealing with, not that Jack doesn't have his own afflictions. He was dealing with external chaos, and he was just a guy. That was appealing.
SS: I liked the script and I got a chance to audition for it. It was a character where I liked the contrast that she was so broad, and yet so sad and pathetic. She was somebody who you could feel very sorry for, but not want to be anywhere near. I thought it was a very familiar character.

Q2: Were you able to relate to this type of family relationship at all?
SS: I have a strong family. We're close. I think anyone can tell an honest version of their childhood or their family that is very sad and dysfunctional,...

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