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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ayad Akhtar HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The War Within Press Conference"  photo
The War Within
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 3, 2005
Q1: How did this project come about?
AA: Joe, Tom, and myself all went to the Columbia graduate film program and we were in New York on 9/11. After that we only talked about one thing, that is what happened and how the world was changing because of what had happened. This film grew out of that preoccupation and those conversations and that soul searching.

Q2: Your family is from Pakistan
AA: Yes.

Q3: Did 9/11 change you living here?
AA: Yes, but it's very complicated. After 9/11, we were, like all Americans, attacked and feeling the pain and suffering of that. Tantamount to that we were also being looked at with suspicion, so it's kind of tricky. On one hand you understand that people are afraid that they are naturally going to be afraid of people who look that way, and that was us.

Q4: Did you include personal experience or just research?
AA: We research a lot and talked to all kinds of people, although I don't think any of them were terrorists. We read everything we cou...

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