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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Matthew McConaughey HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The 37th AFI Life Achievement Award"  photo
The Lincoln Lawyer
Interview by: Megumi Torii
Mar 10, 2011
Matthew McConaughey - The Lincoln Lawyer
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: You nailed the lawyer.
MM: Thank you. I quite enjoyed it.

Q2: What did you like about this lawyer?
MM: Jake Brigance (the character he played) in "A Time to Kill" was more innocent, more naïve, more ideological. This guy still has a real draw to humanity that the people he represents, these sort of bottom-feeders in society that can't really defend themselves. But he's not naïve by any means. He still may have some ideology about defending these people who can't defend themselves. But he's pretty much a pragmatist and understands how the system works. He knows you have to understand how the system works to make it work for you. He bends his own rules. He plays both sides of the law. It's not really a moral or immoral question with him. I'd say he's more amoral. He makes it work for him.

Q3: He goes through an arc in this film. He realizes what he's been doing and he changes?
MM: I d...

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