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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Duncan Jones no image available
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Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 18, 2011
Duncan Jones – Source Code
Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills

Q1: We were talking with Jake Gyllenhaal about what differentiates your films from a lot of the other genres is that you actually let your actors act, and you actually give them full scenes to act in; it's not about catching a line. Can you talk about the importance of why that makes such a different experience for the viewer, and why that's important to you?
DJ: I can't remember who I heard talking about this, but directors don't actually get to see other directors direct, which is really an interesting thought. A lot of actors who become directors have the opportunity to work with other directors and see how they work. I just assumed that this is what you do, is that you let actors act. You try and give them as much freedom to get into their rhythm and their groove, and do what they do, and then when you get to the edit that's where you pick out the best bits and put it together. I did talk to Jake about this, an...

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