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The Ice Harvest
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 6, 2005
John Cusack – The Ice Harvest

Q1: Was there more to this that was cut?
JC: No, everything we shot is pretty much in there.

Q2: What attracted you to this project?
JC: Harold Ramis directing and then when I read the cover page it said Benton and Russo. The guy who won a Pulitzer Prize and then Bob Benton. The guy who wrote Bonnie and Clyde, so these guys are great writers. I figured their take on this, I don't know how you box the movie in, noire with comedy, but clearly a crime film. It's a film about characters whose illusions are exhausted and then are at the end of their rope so I guess it comes in that tradition, but I thought it would be interesting what these guys all do with this. Already you saw finely developed characters and sad characters and I thought it was really interesting.

Q3: Which is your favorite Film Noire movie?
JC: I made a couple early in my career, and I loved the ones in the fifties, you know The Killers, the Kubrick movie I think, that was...

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